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Slewing Mobile Crane Training

Slewing Mobile Crane (20t) | Oldest Code: C2, OHSCER231A, TLILIC808A | Current Code: TLILIC3008A Slewing Mobile Crane (60t) | Oldest Code: C6, OHSCER232A, TLILIC908A | Current Code: TLILIC4009A Slewing Mobile Crane (100t) | Oldest Code: C1, OHSCER233A, TLILIC1008A | Current Code: TLILIC4010A If get a mobile … [Read More...]

Featured Training

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210

EWP Ticket / EWP Training

Oldest Code: WP, OHSCER235A, TLILIC508A | Current Code : TLILIC2005A (E) WP Includes all work platforms OVER 11M. Under 11m you can get a … [Read More...]

Featured Training


Forklift Ticket / Forklift Training

Oldest Code: LF, OHSCER207A, TLILIC108A | Current Code: TLILIC2001A Your forklift ticket will be open in weight capacity you may require on job familiarisation for certain attachments. Forklift tickets and forklift training are so … [Read More...]


Dogger Ticket / Dogger Training

Oldest Code: DG, OHSCER218A | Current Code: CPCCLDG3001A Clove Hitch [Read More...]


Vehicle Loading Crane

Oldest Code: CV, OHSCER228A, TLILIC1208A | Current Code: TLILIC0012A It pays to always keep safety in mind when it comes to operating a vehicle loading crane, and for this, you need to undergo a vehicle loading crane training program or … [Read More...]

Mobile Non Slew Crane Training

Non-Slewing Mobile Crane "Franna" (greater than 3t) | Oldest Code: CN, OHSCER230A, TLILIC608A | Current Code: TLILIC3006A Your licence will be open in weight capacity however most mobile non slew cranes only have 25T … [Read More...]


Earthmoving and Mining Training

Roller | Oldest Code: LR | Current Code Civil: OHSCER215A | Current Code Mining: RIIMPO201A Bobcat | Oldest Code: LS | Current Code Civil: OHSCER204A | Current Code Mining: … [Read More...]